QFinder is a small program that queries and displays information about running game servers in a network using broadcasts and an editable server list. It runs under Microsoft's Windows operating system.

I created this program for our campus local network here in Ilmenau where I studied computer science. Working well in small networks with less amounts of servers it will have some problems if the count of servers is higher than about 20. QFinder is written in C++ using plain Win32 API, no MFC or alike was used. Therefore it uses just a small amount of memory.

At the moment I have not the time to work further on QFinder and add new features. So expect no new releases in the near future.



main window
QFinder's main window.

Preferences dialog box.

network and servers
Network and servers dialog box.


QFinder 2.1.8

QFinder 2.1.8 Source Code

QUI library that is needed by QFinder

last updated on 2004-04-14